Enjoying the Natural Beauty

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Since starting college Easter has always been an odd day.  When I lived at home it was always a wonderful day with family and friends.  The last few years, both undergrad and grad, Easter weekend has been mostly consumed with finals preparation.

Last week there had some really pretty skies!  The one advantage of getting to work before the sunrise is getting to watch it.  So pretty!

IMG_6243 IMG_6244Friday after work Bentley and I headed up to Cincinnati to spend the weekend studying with Tyler.  The sunset wasn’t quite as colorful as the sunrise had been but it was still such a pretty sight.

IMG_6250 IMG_6252Saturday morning I went for a 4 mile run.  2 miles were slow and steady with Bentley and 2 were 1 minute sprint 1 minute walk on the treadmill.  Working on trying to increase speed is hard!  Early afternoon we met Tylers mom and grandparents for lunch in Cincinnati.  It was so gorgeous outside.  We were able to sit out on the patio in short sleeves and enjoy the sunshine. I think my skin had forgotten what sunshine felt like!

IMG_6262Sunday morning I went for a run in a tank top, it was marvelous! After my run I spent most of the day studying and finishing up the final revision for the paper I’m presenting on Tuesday night. Along with the studying I made a semi-homemade pizza for lunch and boneless beef short ribs for dinner.  This was the first time we had tried short ribs and were really surprised how good they were.

Tomorrow night we are having a class potluck during our presentations.  Any ideas what to bring that could sit in the work fridge or crockpot all day?

What was your favorite thing over Easter weekend?


Wildcats, School and Costco

Hello! I know I have been mia the last week.  Between crying about my cats loss on Monday, work and class I have been crazy busy!!   I still can’t believe the Wildcats lost, after the rocky season they had I was so happy to see how well they played together throughout the tournament and really thought they could pull off the big win.

Running this week has been about as crazy as the rest of my schedule.  After taking the weekend off from working out to spend time with friends and study last weekend I was so excited to get back out for a run on Wednesday.  My legs didn’t feel the same way and Bentley and I ended up walking most of the time. Luckily Thursdays 4 miles went a little better.

I had to cover for a coworker on Saturday and missed my planned long morning run.  I went out for a run with Bentley after work but after about 3 miles he decided he was done.  I was so worried about him while walking home, he hasn’t seemed so hot and tired before. (He was full of energy yesterday when I went home over my lunch hour).


I almost cried today when I realized graduation is in less than a month! I’m so excited to have somewhat of a normal schedule back.  I will still be working close to, sometimes over, 60 hours a week but in my free time I’ll be able to focus on things other than school.

Some recipes I’m excited to try:

Carrot Cake Quinoa – Kiss My Broccoli Blog

No Bake Fudge Protein Bites – Running with Spoons

Chocolate Raspberry Buckwheat Pancakes – Jessie loves 2 Run

Sunday I made a Costco run.  I went to get eggs and peanut butter.  I left with an entire cart full of food, at least I remembered the eggs and peanut butter! Sunday night Tyler and I made a turkey meatloaf and roasted brussle sprouts from the big Costco haul.

IMG_6204 IMG_6207 IMG_6234I’ll have to share the meatloaf recipe if I can ever get a decent picture of it but it has worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mustard, grape jelly and some other random ingredients.  Meatloaf is so quick and easy to make, I really should make it more often.

I miss my nightly blogging, I didn’t realize how much I enjoy recapping my day and recipes.  Cooking has been pretty much the same with oatmeal or peanut butter toast for breakfast, salad or eggs for dinner and eggs or leftovers for dinner.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get more creative in the kitchen soon!



Championship nerves

My Wildcats are playing in the championship game tonight! Saturday’s game was so exciting! SO exciting! Tyler and I met up with some friends for beer and pizza pretty early, we wanted to make sure we had a spot with a good view of the TV for when the game came on.  The trees are all blossoming and of course Tyler made fun of me when I stopped to take a picture.

IMG_6148Getting to the downtown a good 3.5 hours before the game meant we had lots of time for beer and pizza.  Mellow Mushroom pizza is my favorite!  I did feel bad for one of the guys who was visiting with my friend Liz from home, he is a big Wisconsin fan and I think had thought they were going to win before the final shot.

IMG_6150My phone died during the game but I was able to steal one picture from our friend Daniel.  The streets were so crowded after the win!

photo (3)We got home really late Saturday, Sunday morning, after all the excitement started to wear down and the streets were open again. Bentley had curled himself up in the covers and was not too happy when I told him he needed to move over enough so I could at least sleep next to him.  He is such a bed hog.

IMG_6152Sunday I spent most of the day working on research for my last big paper.  I had to go into work for a few hours and then stopped by the grocery store.  Per Tyler’s request we had scalloped potatoes, carrots and pork chops for dinner.

IMG_6163Now for the confession: I haven’t run since Thursday, and probably won’t again until Wednesday this week! Friday was a planned day off (friends in town), Saturday we headed out right after I got off work and Sunday I just needed to get caught up on the school work.  I ate way too much pizza and drank way too much beer.  I’m hoping the few days of no running will have my legs feeling extra fresh for my 6 miles on Wednesday!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Are you going to watch the game tonight? 


Doodle Thoughts

Hi, It’s Bentley here! My mom is reading her boring school book. There is a very scary thunderstorm going on.  I don’t know how she can possibly concentrate on school with all this wind and thunder.  Mom said I could distract myself with her computer.

Did you know that my mom works really long hours.  Really I think she should just quit work and spend all day loving on me! We could make lots of friends at the dog park.

I’m loving running with my mom! She took me on a 3 mile run Sunday and 4 miles Monday.  I heard that she’s trying to run a little faster so I make sure to do my best to pull her along.  My mom’s worried that I’m running too many miles with her.  What do you all think about dogs running?

IMG_6100My mom just made a cup of hot chocolate.  I told her I wanted some but all I got was a carrot.  unfair!

Today mom played with me in the back yard over her lunch break.  I was so happy that the one hour of the day it wasn’t raining are while she was home with me.

IMG_6134 IMG_6144 IMG_6140 IMG_6145I’m excited one of my moms friends is coming into town this weekend.  She should arrive around 2 this morning,  don’t worry I’ll wake mom up to make sure she lets her in.

The storms getting worse now and the computer isn’t working to distract me anymore.  It’s time to try to curl up into moms lap.

WIAW- current eats

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I know I’m having a nervous one thinking about the Kentucky Wildcats games this weekend.  Today isn’t about basketball though, today is about food!

I’m still working on eating a variety of foods so I’m sharing some meals from the past two days.  Monday’s lunch was leftover hibachi from the night before.  Those places always give you so much food!

IMG_6097Monday night Bentley and I went out on a 4 mile run/walk.   About a mile and a half in my claves started cramping pretty bad so we took quite a few walk breaks.  Although I wasn’t happy with the cramps or our slow pace it was so nice to just enjoy the beautiful weather.

IMG_6101After our run I had a salad with avocado and some easy dijon baked chicken. I have made this chicken a few times before and it’s always one of my favorites.

IMG_6103Yesterdays lunch was zucchini and a sweet potato.  My first sweet potato since the middle of the week last week.

IMG_6105On my way to class I had some leftover chicken from Monday night.  During class I had a grapefruit sparkling water.


IMG_6113Last night I had quite a strange dinner. I had two eggs with salsa, an orange and a piece of ezekiel toast with peanut butter and blackberry jelly.  The only jelly I like is the homemade kind a lady who goes to my grandma’s church makes. I had brought a jar of this back with me over Christmas and forgotten it was in the fridge.

IMG_6115I’m surprised that trying to increase the size of my meals has helped me to quit the constant snacking I was doing at my desk.  Realizing that now I’m wanting to snack out of boredom/stress rather than actual hunger has made me realize how much of a habit eating can become.

My posts are likely going to be very random and sporadic throughout the next month. I’m finishing up a big research paper, still working 55+ hours a week and trying to get in all my training runs.

Don’t forget to head over to Peas and Crayons to get lots of tasty food ideas!  Just make sure you don’t start reading all these food blogs on an empty stomach :)