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slowly getting back into it

I had a surprise half day at work yesterday, it was wonderful to get off at 1 pm instead of after 6 pm. I got home from work and made a quick lunch before getting the house clean.  I had spent some time outside this past weekend mowing the lawn and weeding and it was nice to get the inside of the house cleaned too.

IMG_2188Lunch was a ham and fried egg sandwich with a sliced apple, and carrot.  This was one of the eggs I got from the farmers market and it was so good!  The yolk was so much more orange than typical and this sandwich was great!

After cleaning the house I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  Tyler and I were going to go to cross fit but were both a little sore still.  It’s on the schedule for tonight though :)  I had a great sweat session at the gym!  I ran two miles and then biked five.  My leg was feeling pretty good on the run, not great but not too painful.

I am loving working out again yet having a difficult time knowing what is pushing myself and what is pushing myself too hard.  The last think I want to do is re-injure  my leg and be completely off from running again; but I am enjoying trying to get back into it.  In addition to wanting to do more, its not the best feeling to be tired after a two mile run.  Running has never been easy for my but I keep hoping it will come back quicker than it did when I first started. My breathing is a lot better than it was before so I am hoping my legs get back there too.

After the gym my friend, Emily, came over and we made a great shrimp curry for dinner. I will post the recipe soon because it was delicious!


36 thoughts on “slowly getting back into it

  1. I love Indian and Thai food so can’t wait for the curry recipe. Running has never come easy to me either, but you’re right in saying that getting your breathing right is a big hurdle. So you’ve already surpassed that challenge :)

  2. Lunch looks so good!

    I know what you mean about trying to find the balance between pushing yourself and pushing yourself too hard. On one hand, you want the workout to really count, but you also don’t want to injure yourself! I wish I knew the answer. We’re all learning together :)

  3. I think you will pick back up on your running much quicker than when you first started!! It’s never “easy” for me either, but I find that these days when I take time off it’s still easier to start that it was the first time. I think a lot of it is mental too.

  4. Your sandwich looked so yummy! I am glad to hear your leg has healed and you are working out again. Two workouts sounds like a lot, especially if one of them is Crossfit. I would be careful to work your way back into things gradually and not push too hard!

  5. Don’t worry about the running! You’re out there doing it so eventually it’ll come back and you’ll be fast than ever! Running has never been easy for me, so I can totally understand you!

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