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weekend full of food

Hello, Hello!

Long time no chat!  I had a nice weekend and mostly stayed away from the computer.  While I wasn’t writing over the weekend I did enjoy catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  My weekend started with an attempted crossfit Saturday morning.  I got to the gym only to find out there was no classes this weekend, everyone went up to Cleveland to watch a competition.  Since I couldn’t cross fit I went home and took Bentley for a 3 mile run/walk.

IMG_2214Saturday night involved takeout from a new to us Chinese place.  I got the steamed tofu and vegetables with white rice and black bean sauce.  I usually get an upset stomach after greasy Chinese food but this was really good and my stomach felt fine.  We watched Daddy and Them, an old white trash movie and called it an early night.

IMG_2220I woke up bright and early Sunday morning.  I was hungry and decided to make some pancakes.  I had pancakes Saturday and Sunday morning, so good!  My pancake is a take on two ingredient pancakes but with some modifications.  I’ll post what I do soon.

IMG_1963After breakfast Tyler, Bentley and I headed up to Cincinnati.  Tyler is golfing in a charity event this Wednesday and needed to pick up his golf clubs.  Bentley enjoyed the ride up there.  It’s so funny to watch his eyes and mouth in the wind.

IMG_2228We got hungry and decided to head to lunch while we were up there before heading back to Lexington.  We were lucky to come across the taste of Newport.  We actually ate in one of the small deli’s on the same street but made sure to stop for a strawberry basil popsicle on the way out.  Tyler kept making fun of me, my teeth were full of basil. It was a great flavor combination and so refreshing.

IMG_2230 IMG_2233While up in Cincinnati I made sure to get Tyler to stop at the market up there that has kabocha squash :)  I picked up three squash, a lemon drop mellon and a cantaloupe. I roasted up the squash Stuft Mama style with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.

IMG_1976 IMG_1971I made a quick dinner with the roast veggies and some chicken.  I am excited to have lots of squash and chicken in the fridge for quick lunch additions throughout the week. Sweet potatoes with coconut butter are amazing!

IMG_1981Having eaten twice that much squash before plating dinner  and then finishing my plate I defiantly think I had one day’s fill of orange.  We ate dinner and then watched the Tony awards for a little while before falling asleep on the couch and then eventually making it to bed.

What was your favorite weekend meal?  I really liked all of my meals, and am sure I ate way to much.  I have a ton of leftovers in the fridge now and hopefully it will make for easy meals throughout the week.  Favorite meal was a tie between Sundays pancake breakfast and dinner.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  I really enjoyed my run with Bentley on Saturday and walking around the food festival on Sunday.



39 thoughts on “weekend full of food

  1. My favorite food this weekend was the English Sunday roast dinner with family in Hinkley UK. Lots of veggies with the roast.

  2. Haha that photo of Bentley out the window is great!! Your eats look amazing, that POPSICLE is legit. I would LOVE to try that. I ventured to Seattle this weekend and it was marvelous!

  3. My favorite weekend meal? Probably rice pudding for lunch on Saturday. Strange, but delicious. I love the idea of coconut butter on a sweet potato. I have yet to try coconut butter, but want to!

  4. That looks like an amazing weekend! I’ve been dying to try CrossFit, but I haven’t been able to find a box near me :( I’ve never heard of basil in popsicles – looks like I will be trying something new soon!

  5. I love that picture of Bentley, he’s so darn cute! Your pancakes look perfect, the ones without flour can be hard to make (for me at least). And I love all those veggies on your plate, yum! My best meal this weekend would have to be the roasted corn and tomato salad I made.

  6. I love that picture of Bentley in the wind! That’s seriously like the epitome of enjoyment, right there.

    My favorite meal of the weekend was probably the plate of nachos that I had for lunch on Saturday afternoon. It had been a while, and they definitely hit the spot just right.

  7. that plate of food looks delish! sweet potatoes are totally my thing right now! OMG to that pic of your dog!!!!! dogs in the car are the absolute best and that picture is amazing!!!!!!! cutest pic ever,

  8. That squash combo looks delicious. I’ve been meaning to pick up some at the grocery store to make. Hmm my favorite meal was probably a large assortment of foods at the cocktail party I went to on Friday. Lots of dips and delicious desserts!

  9. I LOVE when dogs stick their faces out of windows – it is seriously the cutest thing ever. Bentley looks like he was having a blast! Favorite meal this weekend… Hmmm… probably the decadent chocolate dessert I had at my meetup with Katie and Melanie – it was so good. I hope dessert counts as a meal! ;)

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