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WIAW – a day of studying

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I have been spending a lot of time with studying.  Since it’s Wednesday, I’m going to join Jenn and her chickpea for WIAW.  I already shared my amazing breakfast yesterday so I figured two pictures of the fuzzy doodle would be good :) If you missed yesterdays post I had oatmeal for breakfast and then spent hours on the couch studying with Bentley.

IMG_3930 IMG_3933Mid afternoon I became hungry for lunch.  After a weekend with very few a huge green salad seemed like the perfect lunch.  It had spinach, iceberg, broccoli and frozen peas.  I love frozen peas on salad.  After my salad I had a honeycrisp apple with almond butter but forgot to snap a picture.

IMG_3931After lunch I spent more time studying and then met a friend at the gym for a quick 20 minutes on the elliptical and some upper body weights.  I had already been to the gym in the morning but after a day ful of studying another quick study break was needed.  After the gym I took some soup out of the freezer.  I haven’t shared the recipe for this one yet but its kind of a dump of veggies and chicken.

IMG_3934Too bad pictures always turn out so horrible when taken at with my wonderful camera aka the iphone.  Now that fall is here I’m sure soup is going to start making its way into a lot of meals.  Especially since it’s so easy to make huge batches of soup and freeze leftovers for quick dinners and to send home with the boyfriend so I know he at least eats some real food.

Do you ever crave a big salad?  

What’s your favorite soup recipe? Please feel free to share links! 


14 thoughts on “WIAW – a day of studying

  1. I don’t think your pics look bad! Heck I take all of mine with my phone – funnily enough, it takes pics way better than the only camera I do have. I really enjoy chicken soup when the weather turns cool. I like my dads super salty unhealthy homemade version when I’m sick! Heals me right up :)

  2. A great big salad is always a craving of mine. I’m often too impatient and lazy to ever make one, but I did have a great salad this week with pears, gorgonzola, and walnuts. My favorite!

    I really love your blog design right now, by the way. Looks great!

  3. Oh my goodness you are so right! the doggy in my pic (my best friends dog) looks exactly like Bentley! You have no idea how jealous I am you get to cuddle with him all the time. I borrow my bf’s dog from time to time when I need a good cuddle :)

    I crave big salads all the time! Also I’ve been eating apples like a crazy person since I have 2 dozen after my trip to the apple orchard this weekend!

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