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Thursday Thoughts

1. I’m so excited for Saturday! I have to work Saturday but when I get off we are getting massages (thanks Groupon!) and then the big UK vs. Florida game!

2. The new Rupp arena is going to be so cool! Click here to see the video of the planned renovation. Kentucky Basketball is a BIG thing here in Lexington!

imgresPhoto from Kentucky Sports Radio, found on Google. 

3. Thanks to a twitter link from UberFacts I’m now terrified to ever have children.  The 7 gross things no one tells you about giving birth.  Hopefully if I am ever ready to have kids, I will have overcome some of the fears of the pain of childbirth.

4. After taking the last week off, it felt amazing to get in a workout last night.  A few of the missed workouts were unavoidable but some, like Monday and Saturday, were just because I didn’t feel like it.  I could say it was because I was lazy but honestly I think I was just listening to my body.  I’m happy to say that I honestly don’t feel bad about taking the week off from workouts.  I think sometimes it’s important to listen to our bodies and not make ourselves feel bad for missing a workout.

Yesterday after work I was so excited to get to the gym, I was finally ready to sweat again!  I planned to go to yoga but ended up having to stay a little late at work and missed class.  I did get in a nice easy 2 miles and some lower body weights.  I left the gym feeling so refreshed and energized!

5. Did you hear about the Corvette’s falling into the sink hole? Click Here or click on the photo below  to ready the crazy story.

imgres-26.  I’m not sure what to think about Valentines Day.  I think you should always let the ones you love know that you love them, one of my lessons learned from Monday.  I think Valentines day often makes single people feel really bad and makes couples feel like there needs to be a big celebration.  That being said, I already have Bentleys Valentines gifts hiding in the closet to give him before leaving for work on Friday.  I’ll take any excuse to give the doodle a new toy.

Head on over to Running with Spoons for other Thursday Thoughts.  I always love reading whats on others minds as I’m kind of nosy.  I think many others feel the same way too.


18 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I took the last week off from my workouts. I have been so busy and the last thing I want to do when I get home is head out again to the gym. I know I shouldn’t be making excuses but I am just exhausted! Haha and thanks for all of those wonderful tips about childbirth… haha.

  2. Okay… definitely not clicking on that child birth link — ignorance is bliss. And I don’t have anything against Valentine’s day, even when I don’t have someone to celebrate it with. I’ll take any day that lets me get a little more excited… especially when it involves eating chocolate :D

  3. Welllll you know I’m kind of obsessed with V-Day!!!

    So I’ve been babysitting my niece and nephew while my sis and bro and law are out of town. They are so freaking cute and I’ve been telling C how all I want are babbbbbies but then I just clicked that link…nevermind.

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