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MIMM – Full of Love


Hello, Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for the work week ahead.  I worked Saturday and a few hours yesterday but luckily was still able to fit in some relaxation, cleaning, fun and food prep this weekend.  It was a marvelous past few days so I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday.

I got home from work Friday to see my two favorite boys and some special Valentines day treats :)  Bentley is a big fan of Valentines day and even got me a cute card, although the beautiful red roses and chocolate strawberries stole the show.  The dozen strawberries didn’t last long.

IMG_5584We didn’t have big plans for the evening, and the weather was pretty nasty so we decided to find something to eat in the house. I was needing to do a grocery store run again but luckily we made a nice tasty and healthy with some basics.  We took some chicken out of the freezer to make poached chicken, one of our favorite ways to make it, roasted broccoli and quinoa. It paired perfectly with red wine and strawberries.  We watched Blue Jasmine after dinner, it was an interesting movie.

IMG_5587Saturday morning I got up early to head into work.  I got home around 3 pm to see the boys cuddling on the couch and watching the Olympics. These two melt my heart.

IMG_5591Shortly after arriving home Tyler and I headed out for a couples massage. I had got a groupon for it awhile back and Valentines weekend seemed like the perfect time to use it. It was so relaxing, and really helped my neck that had has been a little sore recently. They even had chocolates, cookies, and sparkling cider for us.

IMG_5593After our massages we headed out to a local hibachi restaurant for dinner and then to the UK vs. Florida basketball game.  The UK game was not marvelous :(  We lost and, in my opinion, had some pretty ridiculous fouls called but its still always exciting to be in Rupp arena watching the Wildcats!

photo 2Sunday morning called for coffee and Olympics watching in bed. Bentley didn’t get any coffee but he made sure to get in on some cuddles.  We headed out to Costco and the regular grocery store for some food for the week and to pick up some frozen fruit for smoothies.

IMG_5598I did some food prep on Sunday including cookies for my coworkers. We had a bit of a stressful week last week so I’m hoping that bringing in some cookies to start out the week will be a good start to the new week.

IMG_5612I spent all day cooking Sunday dinner.  In the crock pot that is. We made a beef stew with onion, carrots and red potatoes.  It was SO good, I will share the recipe soon.

IMG_5620After dinner we turned watched Captain Phillips, actually we are watching the movie now and I’m trying not to be scared by typing up this post.  I don’t do well with scary and suspenseful movies but it won awards and Tyler really wanted to watch it.

What was Marvelous about your Weekend? 

What movies have you seen recently?

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