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handling the stress


Whew! Monday’s are always extra stressful where I work, and yesterday was no exception.  After arriving at work around 6:40 and working through most of the morning, I was glad I had one of Lindsay’s cranberry sweet potato and cottage cheese muffins packed in my purse (thanks sunday food prep).  I made a few changes, as usual, but they still turned out pretty well.

IMG_5627While I was eating my muffins my coworkers were chowing down on the cookies I brought in.  I should have known they would be a hit as I followed Sallys recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

IMG_5612Lunch time came around and I was so ready to head out of the office for a little while and see Bentley.  Oh and eat lunch!  I had some of Sundays leftovers on a salad and a side of peanut butter pie Tylers mom had sent over.  Tylers mom is such a good cook and the peanut butter pie was amazing, so good I didn’t think to take a picture between fork fulls.

IMG_5622After work, I got out 20 minutes late, I was rushing to make it to yoga on time. Luckily I made it just in time and enjoyed a nice relaxing stretch.  It was the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.  I then got to come home and look at beautiful flowers which reminded of the wonderful weekend I had and helped to melt more stress away.

IMG_5624I finished the evening with a bag of popcorn, my school book and a cup of blueberry tea.  I had taken some of this blueberry tea from my parents house when I was there and it has quickly become my favorite.  I’m almost out of it now and need to find out where to order it online.

How do you wind down after a stressful day? 

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?



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  1. Tea is good stuff… I’ve actually read a lot of articles that talk about all the benefits of tea when it comes to stress relief. And I always, always, always end the day with a good book — I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without it.

    1. Good to know that tea is helpful for stress relief! I love reading good books outside of school, I’m so excited for my summer reading list already!

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