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Friday Confessions


1. I figured out how to save leftover smoothies! On Wednesday I mentioned that I had put my breakfast smoothie leftovers in the freezer to have for dinner. I put the smoothie into the fridge and it was perfect and ready to go in the morning! I love eating smoothies with spoons so I kind of liked that it was even thicker than it had been before.

IMG_56312. My entire office is pretty much out sick.  This week has been crazy and quite stressful.  I’m so thankful the coworkers who have been there have all been picking up the extra work and really helping each other out.  I’m not happy that poor Bentley missed a potty break again yesterday as I couldn’t get out for lunch.

3. Per Matt’s idea I have emailed a few dog sitters on Craigslist hoping to find someone to come let Bentley out during the days.  I found one lady who does pet sitting with her two goldens in her home and am excited for her response.  It would be so good for Bentley to have an outside playdate with other dogs a few times a week.

47720_1434248771636_18076_n 389774_2555881171745_1098854462_n4. I might have come home from work yesterday and fallen asleep before 9pm.  Don’t judge! I had plans to go home and study but fell asleep not long after I opened the book.

5. My only workout this week was yoga on Monday.  I had class Tuesday, was just too tired Wednesday and last night felt so bad about leaving Bentley again that I chose to stay and play fetch with him.  I wanted to take him on a walk but I didn’t get out tell 6:30 and by the time I got home it was already dark.  I’m a huge chicken and won’t go out walking in the dark.  Luckily the back yard is fenced in (other than the area my neighbor ran into and still hasn’t been fixed) and well lit!

6. I’m trying to prioritize school right now.  It’s my last semester and I have finally accepted that there are going to be days and weeks that I have to put the gym and the blog on the back burner.

IMG_56457. I have a new obsession with kale! I got a huge bag at costco and have been having it in my morning smoothies and last night in place of spinach in my dinner scramble.  Yesterday my smoothie had a cup of frozen kale and I had a bunch more last night with mushrooms, eggs and cheese.  My go to dinner recently, it’s filling and a good source of protein and veggies.

IMG_5643 IMG_5644Any tips for getting in workouts when your tired after a long day of work?  I’m thinking about making sure I get to the gym a few times a week but having days that are designated to just school after work.  Going to the gym in the morning isn’t really an option for me as my gym doesn’t open until 5:30 and i’m typically getting ready to leave the house to head into work around 6:15.  I don’t know how I used to stay up past 2 studying ever night. I also don’t know how people have kids,  work full time jobs and still find time for themselves.


12 thoughts on “Friday Confessions

  1. I love to eat smoothies with a spoon too! My green smoothies that I have in the morning (which are green and have kale in them) I usually end making the night before to thicken up, then I take them with me to work since I start working at 7am and I take a few pauses when I can to snack on it and provide me with more energy. :)

  2. I really love kale too! Such a unique flavor. I need to start trying new things with it! Also, I really enjoy leftover smoothies too. I usually put mine in the freezer and eat it like a slushy later in the day :)

  3. I was going to suggest morning workouts but shame that isn’t an option unless on some days you did a morning workout at home?

    Fingers crossed that lady comes through on the dog sitting for Bentley.

    I’ve not had kale for ages but really must change that!

  4. I love YouTube for some quick workout ideas. There are a ton of good HIIT ones that are like 15-20 minutes, and most require no equipment or just hand weights. Blogilates and Tone it Up are two of my favorites, but there are seriously a TON out there! I always tell myself when I’m tired 20 min is definitely better than nothing!

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