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MIMM- Busy weekend fun


Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I know I did!  After the busy and stressful week I was ready for the weekend.  I’m linking up with the wonderful Katie for Marvelous in My Monday!

Friday night was nice and relaxing.  Tyler was here when I got home from work, a very nice surprise as I had thought I might not get to see him this weekend.  I quickly changed out of my work clothes and we headed out to dinner.  We don’t go out often but it was nice to get out, catch up and enjoy each others company.

I had to go into work on Saturday.  I made a big green smoothie before leaving the house, I think I went a little overboard with the kale but it tasted great.  I love how creamy my smoothies are with the vitamix!

IMG_5648After work Saturday Tyler and I worked on some school stuff and then I got ready for one of my good friends bachelorette parties.  I haven’t been out in a long time, actually couldn’t even find my hair straightener and can’t remember the last time I used it.  We started the night at The Jax for dinner and drinks.  The food was really good but the service was horrible.  We waited over 2 hours and had reservations. Hopefully they can get their service and food timing sorted or they won’t be there for long.

1890455_10101819621730390_535796714_o IMG_5667 IMG_5664 1796977_10101819621725400_1968111592_oSunday morning I woke up extremely tired with a bit of a sore head so I made a big pot of coffee, said goodbye to Tyler then spent the morning studying before heading to the gym for a workout.  Having not worked out since last Monday it felt wonderful to get sweaty. I did an hour on the elliptical and half hour on the bike while reading over my notes.  I have an exam next week so most of my workouts this week (they will happen!) will probably be studying on the elliptical.

IMG_5669I came home from the gym and had ice cream for lunch!  While I typically want to make most recipes I read on blogs, I saw this one and knew I had to make it asap.  I made Arman’s Sweet and Salty Strawberry Ice Cream. I subbed cherries and used shredded coconut in addition to the coconut butter, great suggestion Arman!  If you have never tried adding salt to your smoothies/ice cream you need to! Love the sweet salty combination!

IMG_5677I spent a few hours with my book after lunch before taking Bentley on a quick walk.  I know I should have taken him out longer but I got distracted with school and cleaning. At least he came back from his short walk a happy boy!

IMG_5682 IMG_5678A happy boy until we went out a little while later and saw that it was snowing.  I thought we were done with this winter stuff! Please bring back the warm temperatures.

IMG_5683 IMG_5685Marvelous is getting in some Sunday food prep! Tyler cut up the kabocha for me before he left and I roasted it along with some sweet potatoes, hard boil eggs and quinoa.  I have bagged spinach and veggies so meals this week should come together easily!

IMG_5686Since I was hanging out in the house studying I decided to make a real dinner Sunday night.  I made salmon with a ginger miso sauce and kale sautéed in coconut oil.  The salmon had been in the freezer for quite awhile and might have been a little freezer burnt but it worked.  I put it wrapped in foil, still frozen, in the oven for 40 minutes at 400 F and then took the foil off and put in under the broiler for 5.

IMG_5688I will probably be sporadic with posts this week as I’m preparing for my exam next Tuesday.  I have no idea how people work full time, have kids and go to school.  Working full time, last week 60+ hours, and going to school is more than enough for me to handle.

Do you say something if your at a restaurant with horrible service do you say something?

Whats the weather like where you are?  I had just been telling my parents how nice it was here and then I go outside to see snow!


19 thoughts on “MIMM- Busy weekend fun

  1. If it was a 2 hour wait I would definitely say something. Especially for a bachelorette party as that is not cool!

    Your ice cream combo sounds delicious!

    I so want to buy a Vitamix, just need to justify the cost but your smoothie looks so good.

    I know you aren’t loving the cold weather but the snow does look pretty to me.

    Good luck with the study this week <3

  2. I used to not say anything at restaurants cause I thought it was embarrassing but now I realize that if I’m paying for someone else to make my food I may as well get what I want! Otherwise I could just stay at home and cook my own boring food ;)

  3. Hey Nicole – just wanted to say I saw your brother on tv yesterday while having my lunch! He was being interviewed and also singing a song from Once – what a singer!

    Oh and the ice cream looks delish, can’t wait to try Armans recipe!

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