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Bentley loves playtime


Just wanted to pop in for a minute to share some of the Bentley pictures I have taken this week!  I have been able to take a lunch break every day this week, it’s been wonderful!  I have also been playing with Bentley every day over lunch and then made it to the gym after work :)  (I think the key for me in making it to the gym all week has been changing into my gym clothes at work before leaving the office and heading right there on the way home).

I took these pictures while on my lunch break on Wednesday.  I have decided to use my lunch breaks to play with Bentley in the back yard or take him for a short walk around the neighborhood.  Don’t worry, I pack my lunch for work in the mornings and typically just eat at my desk when I get hungry.

IMG_5716 IMG_5721 IMG_5726 IMG_5730Bentley had continued to be a great study friend into the late hours of the night.

IMG_5732Yesterday afternoon Bentley was even more excited to play than he had been on Wednesday.  I think he’s figuring out this whole mid-day play thing!

IMG_5739 IMG_5746 IMG_5749 IMG_5754 IMG_5757Last night when I got home from the gym Bentley and I shared dinner.  Yes, I shared my dinner with the dood man because I’m a bad mom and forgot to stop at the store to get him more dog food. Fail.  Bentley got to have some sweet potatoes, egg whites, carrots, strawberries and one small piece of chicken sausage.  The plate below was my portion.  I’m still working on trying to get in different foods.  I realize eating the same thing for most meals on a daily basis probably isn’t the best idea.

IMG_5759I’m glad to have my happy doodle always here to cheer me up!  One of my coworkers quit today and I’ll now be working this Saturday.  Having worked the last two weekends I was looking forward to the weekend off to finish prepping for my exam but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Have you ever seen a unhappy doodle?  

Do you have any fun weekend plans?



5 thoughts on “Bentley loves playtime

  1. I LOVE that you are able to get him out and playing! Benson loves when I come home and can play with him. I know it can be hard sometimes to fit in when so many things are on your to do list, but Bentley being happy is just the cutest! Those pictures just show his excitement :)

    1. I love how you can tell when animals are happy and excited! It always makes me extra happy to see him when he is extra excited, I’m sure you feel the same with Benson.

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