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Granny’s Jello – a holiday tradition


I just now realized I had forgotten to post this over the holidays. I know it’s no longer holiday season but yellow is good all year! You might even be able to make it with green jello, pineapple, and apple for a St. Patricks day treat!

One of my favorite holiday side dishes is my Granny’s jello.  It’s something I look forward to every year! Super simple to make and has a great combination of flavors.  I love the tast of this, but honestly I think I look forward to it every year as it serves as a reminder for all the wonderful holiday’s my family has spent together.

IMG_4648Granny’s Jello:

  • 2 packets raspberry jello
  • 2 cup hot water
  • 1 can blueberries
  • 1 can crushed pineapple in juice
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 tub cool whip
  • 1 cup crushed walnuts

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.  Open blueberries and pineapple, do not drain.  Dissolve gelatin in the hot water, add fruit including the juices.  Transfer jello mixture to a large pan and place into the fridge to chill for at least 5 hours, preferably overnight.

After the jello has set bring cool whip and cream cheese to room temperature.  Beat the cream cheese until it has softened and then beat in the cool whip.  Spread evenly overtop of jello.  Top with crushed nuts and cover with plastic wrap. Place back into the fridge (or in your cold garage if you live in Minnesota) until ready to serve.

IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_4629 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4638 My family always serves this with our meal, and then usually has pie for dessert.  I love eating the leftovers of this jello with leftover stuffing for breakfast after Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This jello and stuffing, we have tried a few different recipes, are my favorite parts of the holiday meal!

This past year I made this jello as one of my contributions to the Thanksgiving meal with Tyler’s family.  I am hoping that we will have it again when I go home after Christmas.  As my brother and a few members of Kelly’s family (my sister in law) are all arriving in Minnesota on the 26th we are planning to celebrate Christmas late this year.

Whats your favorite holiday side dish? 

Do you have a recipe for something that reminds you of family? 

Serve jello with holiday meals?  Tylers family typically has this pretzel jello salad at Thanksgiving.




9 thoughts on “Granny’s Jello – a holiday tradition

  1. I’ve never seen this type of twist on jello before, but it looks amazing!!!!! A recipe that reminds me of my family (well Mom) would probably be her lasagna. It’s to die for… and now I’m craving some.

  2. I always would think of jello or jelly as we call it here as dessert but I love your family serves it as a side.

    My mum makes an amazing dutch apple cake and another dutch recipe called croquettes which is basically deep fried and breaded shredded beef << umm yep it is super healthy, not ;)

  3. my aunt makes the same thing but uses canned cranberry sauce too. so there is like a layer of jello in the middle. so freaking good. also she uses a combo of whipped cream and sour cream for the topping. now i’m drooling haha

  4. So glad to see you sharing this with the world…well at least us pinterest readers. Its one of my favorites,too. Try making it with black cherry jello sometime. YUM! It was such a nice surprise to see you on pinterest tonight. I need to do a much better job of staying in touch. I think of you often and send good wishes your way! Take care. Love you,Aunt Joy

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