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Giveaway Winner and weekend updates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  My weekend started out fantastic, I got to watch the Kentucky Wildcats beat Louisville and advance to the sweet 16 on Friday night with Tyler (the birthday boy) and some of our friends.

Saturday morning I got up nice and early for my long run.  It had been a late night Friday but I’m glad I got the run done early because right as I was getting back to my car it started to rain.  It continued to rain all day long.

IMG_6077 IMG_6076Thanks to Random.org the giveaway winner is #1, Sydney Turnquist.  Get me your address and I’ll send the $100 visa gift card your way!  Thank you for helping to spread the word of the fun new free app!  I really do appreciate all friends help in getting this thing we he has worked really hard on out there.

IMG_6094Sunday morning started out a lot like Saturday, with a run.  Sundays run was a nice short 3 miles with Bentley.  We made sure to wear our UK Blue!  Bentley was nice enough to push me to a 9:40 pace for Sunday’s 3 miles.

IMG_6091After our run we met Tyler’s family for his grandfathers birthday lunch then headed home to get some studying done before the big game.  Bentley was nice and relaxed after he got some of his energy out!

IMG_6086 IMG_6088 IMG_6083Updating this Sunday night to let you all know that the Cats beat Michigan and are now advancing to the Final Four!  I love March Madness, especially when my Kentucky Wildcats are playing like a true Kentucky team!

Did you watch any basketball this weekend? 

Tips for how to increase running speed?  I’m learning to just be okay with the fact that i’m a nice slow and easy type runner but still have it in the back of my mind that I would like to be fast.  I’m also trying to not heel strike so bad, Tyler thinks that’s partly how I injured myself last year. That and the fact that I didn’t really stretch, cross train or strength train.



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  1. So cool about the app he made. Do you know if it is available in Australia too? :)

    I’ve found the best thing to increase my running speed is to do running sprints for 15-20 minutes doing 30 secs on / 30 secs off, usually on the treadmill as it is easier, at a pace where at first 30 secs is ok but by about halfway you are like ‘wow is it over yet?’. Also just consistent running helped me too plus doing leg strength work just some ideas.

  2. Yay Wildcats!! While my team didn’t make it into the tournament (we had a horrendous basketball year that ended with the firing of our terrible coach!), I have been rooting for a few other favorites to take it all the way – UK being at the top of my list! In terms of speed though (not that I’m speedy by any means), but I like to add at least 1 day of sprints a week. It doesnt have to be long, but just some short sprinting intervals, especially at the end of a run, to help get your body used to the speed.

  3. I am not fast by any means, but I found that when I pushed myself on my shorter runs just a little more here and there it helped with my longer runs too.

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